Arabic dialect – Phone conversation

Useful resource for exposure to Arabic dialects. You will find lesson plans, Arabic and English handouts. Click here.Capture

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Funny pictures

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Alefb, multicultural center for children, was founded in Paris-France on July 16, 1996 by Michelle El-Khoury Tager, Dima Salam-Daouk, Marie de Bremond d’Ars and Suzanne Haddad.

click here to check one of the stories.


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Coca Cola in Saudi Arabia



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Funny letters

Funny letters

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What type of Arabic – Comic


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Vocab. of unit 9 – Al Kitab

Learn the vocab. of unit 9 in Al Kitab using this set of flashcards created in Quizlet You can also play different games to help you memorize the words, and then take a test.

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Read Arabic

The lessons provide reading practice in Modern Standard Arabic, the written language of education, the media, and official documents across the Arabic-speaking world.

Click here to access the website.

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