Working on Finishing my work, casting torsos and thinking ahead.

I am still not sure which part of the Brush Gallery I will be showing in, but all I know is that I need a lot of space. I have more work than anticipated and in my opinion, that is a good thing.  In the next couple of weeks, I will be focusing on turning the pieces into quality work and revisiting some of my original ideas. I am so comfortable switching from flat paints to sculpture it’s crazy. Maybe this is why I have started chiseling away at my paintings.

So this past weekend, Amy and I managed to create 3 casts. This procedure lasted all day and by the time we were done, I was exhausted. Today, we will be pressing in the white clay into the casts. I am going to try to clean up my messy studio before this. Casting is so messy, every time I walk into the downstairs studio, I just feel overwhelmed.

The torsos will have no heads, no arms and no legs- or at least they will not be attached. When people look at them I want them to say,  “hey look at the interesting marks on these human like forms!” And not, “hey look, she made something that looks like a real woman’s body.”

The torsos, which I will now refer to as women, should interact with each other. They should show a sense of coming together and sharing each other’s narratives, pain and tears.   They should be a celebration of all of the strong women in my life, my aunts who have stood strong despite life challenges.  I am thinking of a semi circle. This is also a reference to women dancing in a dance specifically made for women outside a shrine in Shona tradition.

Since the women will be in white clay, and I am working on white alabaster, I decided to paint some of my paintings a simple black. Black and white references race in Zimbabwe and the walls, connotations, awkwardness, and unity that I have experienced in my life in Zimbabwe.

I should also start thinking about video work. How do I want to honor my dad’s three friends and let them tell my dad’s story? The video quality is so poor! I should have used a tape when I was in Zim, instead I recorded onto a disk. May I an use this bad quality in  way that sort of makes a statement…..

We shall see, for now its work work work work work work!!!

Some artists I am looking to for inspiration:

Kiki Smith

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  • I Really like with you write here about how you want people to react to the sculptures. I am so sorry about the miscommunication re: tomorrow. This is the second meeting with the sustainability committee. I cannot miss. But I need to speak with you tomorrow abt the casting. These need to be done asap. I will explain tomorrow, but will be around to help Thursday, Friday Sat and will cast on Sunday while you are at church. I have a short presentation on Friday and a five hour thing Saturday with an informal Breakout….

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