Collages: Works in Progess

In the collages above, I am playing around with the idea of colonization. Imagine if imperialism had occurred the other way around, for example if Africans had settled and conquered Europe. What would that look like, would would the first African explore do or say? I chose European buildings, (including one church) and collaged some Zulu dancers and a Shona diviner. Just as colonization brought about Christianity to Africa, perhaps the diviner would have brought ancestral worship to Europe.

In the other images, I am playing around with the idea of mother and child, art and beauty. During the Byzantine era, the stiff faced expressionless Madonna was considered beautiful and appealing. In West Africa, things that were considered appealing included Hleeta a form of scarification on the skin. The concept of what is art and beauty is appealing in different way to different people.  In these images I am also showing the marriage between Western and African culture. What does it mean to be authentically African, or authentically European? The two have come together to create new ideas of identity, well at least in my life they have.

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  • WOW.
    I want to know first which ones are your favorites. I have two favorites FOR SURE.

    let me know. Maybe these you would like printed on paper to then draw on??

  • thanks!
    I like the two at the bottom, the one with the Zulu dancers, and the one with the Church building and graves.

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