Upcoming exhibition: Flag International by Lauri Lyons

The Gallery will begin the spring 2010 semester with an exhibition entitled Flag International of photographs by Lauri Lyons.  Lauri interviewed and photographed people from around the world, asking each person to comment upon his/her feelings about the United States and the American flag.  After each person wrote in one of her journals, she would photograph them in any way they felt comfortable.  The photographs arrived yesterday, all the same size and all beautifully framed in similar black wooden frames.  Yet, when you look closer, you see that each photograph within tells a moving personal story.  Tomorrow, we’ll sequence the show, arranging the photographs in such a way as to let each one tell its own story, but also to let the photographs share stories with one another.  That’s the creative part from our end!

Lauri will be coming to campus in February to give a lecture and meet with students.  Keep an eye out for more info on the Gallery‘s Web site.

Picture 2


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