Food & the Environment

A site of informative tips for avoiding GMOs, as well as an online nutritional cookbook to promote a healthy lifestyle, while helping to protect our environment.

Search the various pages throughout the blog for facts about GMOs in America, and tips on how to avoid them. Additionally, I will be exploring the food markets in Canton, New York for foods that are non-GMO, organic, and gluten-dairy free.

For St. Lawrence students, faculty, administration and staff: Included in the online cookbook are non-GMO and organic food products and options that are available at the campus eateries on the St. Lawrence campus.

The best way to obtain a general idea of GMOs would be to follow the pages on the blog- starting with:

1. What are GMOs?

2. The Issue

3. FDA Regulations

4. The Consequences

5. An Outlook on the Future: Your Help

6. The Non-GMO Project Verified

7. Nutritional Cook Book & Shopping Guide


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