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Help these kid dancers win a contest by watching this video and giving them the most views! you can also help them out by posting it on your own wall! Future dancers here 😉


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Self Evaluation…

A. Within the context of this course, and including creativity, creative problem solving, and innovative thinking, all things that I continually stress:
1. what questions should you be asking yourself when undertaking creative endeavors?
My first question when undertaking a creative endeavor is: what is my goal/ purpose for this project? I then proceed to ask what are my ideas for completing said goals, and how can i meet my purpose?
2. what questions should I be (have been) asking you? Or future teachers/learners/collaborators?
B. Did you complete all of the assignments/projects and blog posts? If not, why not?
I completed all of the assignments for the semester.
C. Assign yourself a grade based on the breakdown below/ DEFEND YOUR PROPOSED GRADE.
I believe that my art for the semester exemplifies my hard work, and therefore I am hoping for at least a 3.5.

Final!!!! Con’t


SOOOOOO, for my final I wanted to illustrate a short story. Using a melding of line-art technique and filters, I have illustrated the short story “Spring”. I apologize in advance for the mellowdrama of the story. It is part of a larger graphic novel of shorts. Warning, this story is implicitly explicit:

The apocalypse revamped

For my assignment on making a collage that relates to Zizec’s ideas, I decided to focus on the idea of the death of the ego or the self. I was inspired by renaissance prints on the apocalypse, and on Buddhist ideas on death and rebirth.