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Final Project + Reflection

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[youtube HgMbBuL0TCE]


“Being a part of the show” I know that if I had been able to put my SWAN Day performance in this video that it would have held greater personal meaning to me. However, someone who did not know that I was going to put that clip in, or who doensn’t even know what the clip was… will hopefully get the same meaning out of the film had it not been there.

The time crunch: I was able to do the proj on a comp not in the lab, which really helped me to work on it when I had time, rather than when the lab was open. However, I think that if I had had a couple more days I could have made the movie more powerful and would have been able to dig up better clips/more for the finale.  Also, if I could have made a 10 minute movie I think it would have a greater impact on the audience.

Having said all of that, I really enjoyed playing with voice over instead of text, and since I used a new Mac laptop, I was able to learn how to use a newer version of iMovie as well.

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Final Thoughts

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SWAN Day performance (emotions evoked) why is this powerful? could it have been more powerful

the atmosphere of a live performance (REAL) why is it like that? what does it feel like to be in the audience?

WATCHING A PERFORMANCE ON YOUTUBE – what does this feel like? could it make someon cry? is it a valid form of art or is it just a type of communication?

why do people settle with watching something on youtube that they could have seen in real life? is this as “real”? is our society shifting away from live performances?

PODCAST: do people get the same sense/ emotions from watching a performance live, only in the comfort of their own homes. could people get paid for this? are people paid for this? is it more intimate??

is this phemon. comparable to the idea of watching a sports game over a tv set vs. being in the stadium? can a performance have the same affect on people? should it?

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Movies for FINAL

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Common themes/ A class question?

After watching the two talks: 

What does our generation do to seek happiness? Art, video games, drugs, sports, community service etc…

What do people do today that makes them happy? Is this real happiness? Is it artificial? Are we digging ourselves into a hole that we cannot get out of i.e. lack of compassion for the outdoors and our physical world and activities? Is this even a problem? Do we care that not everyone is happy? Or that our generation seems to only be “virtually” happy? Is technology really bringing people together in a positive way? Or is it hurting people socially and mentally? Is it like a drug? A pseudo happiness?

Csikszentmihalyi talk


What contributes to a life worth living?

Art? Religion?

War traumatized European psyche

Only 30% say they are happy in US

What makes people happy?

Material does not increase happiness

Need attention

When in flow things mean something/ they matter

Do what you really want to do -> in flow

^ challenge allows one to enter flow = happy w/ oneself

how do you stay there? Remain there on a day to day basis?




David Perry


Will video games become better than life?

Made own video games

Multi billion $ industry

Can buy video game stuff on ebay

Video game graphics are SOOO life like -> getting better

Need to be an incredible artist to make video game graphics

Can a video game make you cry?

What has gaming/ tv done to our generation?

Can we go back?

Become a reality to some people


Sees more meaning through video games than in real life

Interacting with entertainment and others


A well designed video game will totally engulf the player in the game

Real life is starting to look more like a video game

virtual worlds are perfect

must be aware of how the games make us feel when we unplug

allows creative minds to THINK BIG

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Mashup Dos

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So this song is def more enjoyable to listen to than my last one. However, I do not feel the same attachment to it since I did not hand pick all the sounds to make up the different pieces of a song. Also, I kinda made it a little longer than I meant to. I got really into it. I tried tonight to go back and cut out some parts to make a shorter version but I can’t seen to get myself to part with any one section. Are there any parts that stick out and don’t seem to fit as well as they could? What part/s would you take out to shorten the song? Does it even need to be shortened?

Here is my new Mashup:


[youtube uPcHnFhXPEs]


An overall reflection:

Initially I was really excited to learn how to use garage band so I could make my own mashups that were as fun to listen/dance to as Girltalk’s pieces are.  I quickly learned that 1. I am not Girltalk and it DOES take talent to make mashup music (in that sense I have a new found respect for him and other mashup artists and 2. that I needed to look at the project in another way.  I decided to think of it as a collage made  of sounds and chunks of lyrics.  I attempted to unify the song by repeating certain chunks of lyrics and different songs, but my first attempt seemed a bit jumbled and un-unified.  There were a few parts that were really shocking and brought the listener out of the experience.  In revision I salvaged most of the parts and added in some new. the most beneficial thing in fixing my piece was taking short clips that didn’t seem to fit or had clashing beats behind the vocals. i really like my final version and i spent a lot of time trying to make it something that other people would like to listen to. it certainly is no top 20 hit, but i think for being my first attempt at anything like this it is not too shabby! i would say that i enjoy it as a collage of music, but maybe not a song.

my NIN mashup is SOOO MUCH better and enjoyable to listen to. it actually is a song that i would listen to on an everyday basis. i realize it is lengthy, but i can’t find a reason to get rid of any one part. Overall it was a much more enjoyable experience because the songs were broken up and you could choose to use certain sections to alter a single song. this allowed for the overall piece to flow together really well and be more unified than our first mashup projects.

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As of Wednesday before class. It is still not perfect, but I feel like it is MUCH better now:


[youtube 2xSILOPVZCs]




As of monday at class:


[youtube auROEljO1fg]



As of sunday night:

[youtube PdUrBizewCY]





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This Film is Not Yet Rated

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I heart Becky. 

There was honestly little in this movie that surprised me. I think the MPAA is just another example of the ways ‘Merica is run on secrets that make our society “better and safer” for its citizens. I think that it is soooo creepy that there is a “secret society” that decides how to sensor movie producers. It’s like a cult. I really don’t know what else to say.  


Connections between THIS FILM IS NOT YET RATED, GOOD COPY BAD COPY, and Larry Lessig?

All these films touch on how the govt wishes to sensor people creatively. There are certain social norms that artists work needs to fit into in order to be considered acceptable. That is, you can’t re-use an idea, or talk about anything meaningful/ controversial.

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The loop ends at around 0:11. It Includes music from Mika – Lollipop and MGMT – Kids

[youtube zmBiSsRTXus]

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So… I wasn’t there. But I was shocked when I heard about the mob mentality that over took the crowd. I was appalled at the way people were acting. I think that if there were more sober people to mediate the crowd (because I heard the “bouncers” were coked out) they would have been able to calm down the crowd and generate a safer environment.

However, I think the school should have known what they were getting themselves into. Girltalk is notorious for getting naked during the show and blowing lines of coke off of his turn tables. C’mon people. It’s going to be a rave and people are going to get shitfaced/ roll and spread glue stick juice all over themselves to get the “full” experience.

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Being Strangled by the Law

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I thought it was interesting how Larry spoke about how both sides of the copyright war are wrong. Like the author in “Good Copy Bad Copy,” Larry fights for artistic freedom with sharing content. He feels it is wring to directly copy someone’s work, i.e. copyright infringement, but that using their works to make something no and {re}do it should be legal and seen as something beautiful. I agree with him one hundred percent. If someone is taking a song, like Girltalk does, and revamps it into something new and different that isn’t anything like the original, then it is new. It is that persons now.  

One thing that I have always been told is to look at your peers artwork and learn from it. Take their ideas and make them your own. In this way you are expanding your person style and essentially giving a shout out to your peer: “Hey! Your work is sweet. I want to do something just like it!” They would never get mad at for that, in fact, they may even build up their own piece based on your interpretation. It’s an amazing process. 

So I guess the law limiting consumers, if that’s what you want to call us in this sitch, to merely listening and not absorbing the content is limiting us and taking away our “write” privileges. And in doing that aren’t you essentially taking away our right to learning and becoming better artistically and creatively? It’s like telling someone they can’t color in Cinderella’s dress blue in a coloring book because that;s the color Disney made it. Redic.

Another point I thought was great was that we (the children) are not our parents (them). Our worlds are vastly different and I always love it when people acknowledge that. If everyone were to (cough the govt) then my generation would not be seen as “pirates” but as people who take the things around them, aspects of their world and generation and make something beautiful out of it.

I hope that all made sense…

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Final Be/com/ing!!

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[youtube KxOmW_82YAk]

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