post-entertainment slide-show

The title of this project “post-entertainment” slide show, refers to the notion that everything and anything now is, or can be, considered spectacle or entertainment. Reality television, war on television, watching people eating spiders for money on television, etc.

In this project students have to come up with a concept and find, download, appropriate and alter images for their use (I engourage them to use Creative Commons licenced images from only) collaged stories in iMovie.

April Costa, A Cloudy Day, 2007. Soundtrack by April Costa.

Samantha Rodriguez, Jeanne, 2007

artist statement: This video has more of a purpose than a meaning. I find that when I’m in any sort of mood the use of vivid color and tranquil sounds and images tends to calm me. I named this after my grandmother because I find myself very drawn to plants, flowers in particular, and when reflecting on that I couldn’t help but think of my grandma’s roses that–whether this is true or merely my imagination playing games in my memory–bloomed to the size of my head in the prettiest of pink. I thought then that maybe I am so drawn to flowers having been around such beautiful ones growing up.

Dana Schultz, Circle, 2007

Kai Gilsey, Not Much Happenin’ Here, 2007. Lyrics and rap by Kai Gilsey.

This collaboration of images, lyrics and music intends to highlight a generational change in the American youth. The lyrical focus addresses the growing similarities between the Vietnam War and the War in the Middle East.

Christopher Eaton, aka CHEATO, [graffiti/advertising], 2007

What disrupts the aesthetic more? Graffiti or advertising?

Jay Thornhill, Sacrifice, 2008

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Christina Strong

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