I asked this question a while back, but I am pretty sure that no one, or almost no one answered it. So, now that this course is behind us I will ask it as your final reflection question:

A. Within the context of this course, and including creativity, creative problem solving, and innovative thinking, all things that I continually stress:

1. what questions should you be asking yourself when undertaking creative endeavors?
2. what questions should I be (have been) asking you? Or future teachers/learners/collaborators?

B. Did you complete all of the assignments/projects and blog posts? If not, why not?
If they are not on your blog, they are essentially not submitted, so you better do this before our meeting. We will be discussing your work and your proposed grade in our meeting.

C. Assign yourself a grade based on the breakdown below/ DEFEND YOUR PROPOSED GRADE.

Please note that a “C” / 2.0 represents satisfactory work, regular attendance, continuing improvement, and successful accomplishment of course objectives. If you ever want to have a conversation about your grade, or your performance in class please talk to me.


4.0 or Excellent
You fulfilled every part of the assignment according to its objectives and you made your work more interesting and complex through thoughtful reflection, work and revision. You basically created something extraordinary.

3.5 or Intermediate between Excellent and Good
You fulfilled every part of the assignment adequately, and also did some parts extremely thoroughly and well.

3.0 or Good
You fulfilled every part of the assignment adequately (no mistakes).

2.5 or Intermediate between Good and Satisfactory
You touched on every part of the assignment with the approach overall, but your final project was not sufficiently complete or challenging to warrant 3.0.  Or, you neglected a minor part of the assignment, but did the rest at 3.0 or higher quality.

2.0 or Satisfactory
You touched on every part of the assignment with the right idea or approach overall, but your project was not sufficiently complete or challenging to warrant 2.5.  Or, you neglected part of the assignment but did the rest at 2.5 or higher quality.

1.5 or Intermediate between Satisfactory and Lowest Passing Grade
You made a serious effort and your approach overall was on the right track but there was at least one serious mistake in your process, technical or otherwise.

1.0 or the Lowest Passing Grade
Although you created something with some positive points, you either did not address the assignment’s main technical and conceptual objectives, or did so incorrectly.



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creating line art (cartoon effects!!) in PS

working with Steff, we googled “Cartoon Effects in PS”

And here is a very good one that we found.
The man who put together this site, does a very good job of showing you the variety of things that you can do in PS to fast-forward your.


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saving your full sized QT movie

saving your full sized QT movie (.mov) file.

In iMovie:
Share to Quicktime.

Make sure you are exporting the correct file (watch it) and not just some events in your project folder.

Check settings to make sure there is no downsampling.
The default options are typically the best.

Save as quicktime to desktop. Then drag into your personal folder in scratch
SMB://scratch/ahauber/369/**your folder**

Sarah: Green, final
water (green),
narrative (sp11)
Mashup (f10), close your eyes,
Big gigantic v. angelou
Suzanne – horsey
Crystal  –  dear dad
Fern – mashup and personal narrative
Julia – narrative & poss 10 ways??
Steff – word girl

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animating in after effects

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THE BOOKS: Collage Music (and video! new release)

Holy Cow! I never even knew that this new recording was coming out! and not only that, they are now producing these really cool videos too (although their fans are known to make videos to their music like crazy)


Their new release is call The Way Out, here are some videos:
Cold Freezing Night (reminding us how terrifying children can be)
embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube Direkt
An older piece, Smells Like Content:
embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube Direkt
Just some of my faves
Be Good to Them Always
Exclamation Mark
Motherless Bastard
All Our Base Belong To Them (anyone know the reference?)

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