The North Country should pursue using pellet stoves as a primary source of heat. Much of the region currently uses wood to either heat their house, or to supplement another method. Using pellets is a cost effective way to limit the amount of pollution while heating households and large commercial buildings. The pellet industry is already existent in the North Country, however it is not widely established. Promoting the use of pellet stoves and increasing the production of pellets will increase the number of jobs in an area with a struggling economy because of increased need of production and maintenance of the pellet stoves. Furthermore it promotes energy independence because the pellets will be produced from farmland and forests in the North Country. All of this is accomplished while reducing the overall environmental effect. This is the best option in the North Country for heating large commercial areas because when heating areas with wood pellets, it’s best to spread across a large area.┬áThere is no viable heat source in the near future that does not involve combustion, therefore the North Country’s best option is to turn to pellet stoves for heating.