North Country Supply and Demand, Infrastucture

The New York North Country is an ideal spot to develop a biomass pellet industry.  This region is equipped with substantial forest and pasture acreage that could support a pellet industry formed around wood and hay grass. 

The wood pellet industry is already alive in the North Country at Curran Renewable Energy in Massena, located in St. Lawrence county.  Curran Renewable Energy is the first biomass pellet business in the United States to receive the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)/Rainforest Alliance Certification.  The company can produce 100,000 tons of wood pellets per year from wood fiber supplied by Seaway Timber Harvesting Incorporated.  Seaway Timber harvests wood from 14,000 acres of FSC certified forests to supply logs for sawmills, woodchips used for paper making, and material for Curran wood pellets (Curran Renewable Energy).

Forest Stewardship Council

  Rainforest Alliance

About 55% of northern New York farm acreage is crop land, and about 465, 089 acres of this is used as food for domestic animals.  In addition, there are also many acres of land that are not effective for growing crops, but sufficient enough for growing hay that can be used for grass pellets.  Grass pellets require the same infrastructure and production process as wood pellets (New York Agricultural Development Program).