How Pellet Mill’s Work

The manufacturing of fuel pellets and energy pellets despite the energy source all amounts to the same two things. You can buy pellets or make them yourself. Today’s pellet mills are portable and small enough to have for personal use. You can buy your own personal mill or build it on your own.

There are two main kinds of pellet mills available for personal use currently on the market: diesel and electric. The biggest difference between diesel and electric mills is how they are powered. Generally electric mills come in higher horsepower options and are able to produce more pellets quicker and cleaner because they don’t use fossil fuels. (Make Your Own Pellets)

8hp Diesel Pellet MillThis is a diesel pelleter

Electric Biomass PelleterThis is an electric biomass pelleter

Raw biomaterial is dropped into the hopper (surge bin 3.) and is distributed evenly into the steam-conditioning chamber (5.) for controlled addition of steam and some time molasses. From there, the feed is dropped into the feed plough (12.) where it then falls into the distributor (6.). The auger in the distributor pushed the feed into the die (8.) The die is a shaped opening that compresses the feed into the pellet shape. As the pellets are squeezed through the die a blade that cuts each pellet to uniform length to later be used for fuel meets them. This is the basic process used by both electric and diesel mills. (How Pelleter’s Work)