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Summer Commonplaces 50, Rereading

With this post we conclude the Summer Commonplaces series…a good summer to read. To conclude, two books on rereading, on going back and reading again at another life stage.  Patricia Meyer Spacks is particularly eloquent on what it means to retraverse a book…many candidates here for just such an adventure, and of course, with the geography of any readers life, many places to revisit with eyes wide open…

  • On Rereading Patricia Meyer Spacks Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2011
  • Rereading Matei Calinescu New Haven: Yale University Press, 1993

Summer Commonplaces 49, Woody Allen

…who, along with his career making films, once debated William Buckley

Summer Commonplaces 48, William F Buckley

…who, along with founding and editing the National Review, once debated James Baldwin


Summer Commonplaces 47, James Baldwin

Summer Commonplaces 45, First Year Students

…first year students arrived at SLU yesterday, for matriculation…

Summer Commonplaces 44, Max Beerbohm

…the author of Summer Commonplaces is off for a few days for minor surgery.  Who better to read when stuck home than Max Beerbohm (his book Zuleika Dobson, noted here, is one of the great books about life at university…). This thread will resume next week with one last week of summer blogging…

Summer Commonplaces 43, Football II

Summer Commonplaces 42, Football

SLU Football players report to campus today…

Summer Commonplaces 41, Shakespeare III

The American Shakespeare Center has announced it’s lineup for this fall at SLU…

  • Julius Caesar (Starring Marlon Brando) Culver City, CA: MGM, 1953
  • King Henry V Edited by Andrew Gurr Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992

Summer Commonplaces 40, Antiques

…at my house, we had a successful yard sale…