Google Earth Virtual Tour

A tour in an Arab country (using Google Earth) – Arabic 103 This project was divided into two steps: Step 1: The students had to create a brochure promoting a ...

Clickers in College Physics

Long time classroom response system advocate and physics professor Catherine Jahncke uses the i>clicker system in her non-majors introductory physics course daily. Prof. Jahncke polls her students (approximately 30 health science ...

Digital Ink: Pencasts in Differential Equations

Mathematics professor Dan Look provides students narrated pencasts of problems. For $200, Prof. Look purchased the Livescibe pen with extra ink, paper and 8gb of capacity. He has used the ...


FYS Portfolios

Students in Jessica McAlear’s first-year seminar are no strangers to technology in ...

Digital Media & Culture

 Digital communications and technology have affected our culture in every way. In ...

The Weave

John Collins’ Global News Analysis course is responsible for The Weave (, ...

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Bring Your Own eClassroom Technology: Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

More sophisticated remote control is possible An alternative to a basic presenter or presenter with mouse control Pictured is the Logitech K400, but there are other options available The same functionality as a wireless keyboard and mouse, but in a portable unit Larger then the wireless presenter.  It has all the functionality of a full-size […]

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Tools for Online, Hybrid, and Web-Enhanced Instruction

If you’re teaching an online or hybrid course, making use of online tools is a must, but even if you’re teaching primarily face-to-face, online tools can be used to enhance the learning environment for your students. We’ve put together a guide ( to give you a sense of what is possible.  Our educational technologies staff […]

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Creating Videos

French 104 – The project was pretty open-ended. Students were asked to make a 10 minute video sharing a French subject with the class. In the video, it needed to be clear what subject they were talking about, they needed to provide some basic information about that subject, and they needed to show how it […]

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eClassroom Technology: Interactive Board Technologies

St. Lawrence has had a number of SMART Boards in place for over a decade (current locations can be found here:  This technology has become quite challenging to maintain so we have begun exploring other options.  Starting in the Fall 2011, we began piloting eBeam technology as a lower cost, more flexible option (current […]

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