Digital Ink: Pencasts in Differential Equations

Mathematics professor Dan Look provides students narrated pencasts of problems. For $200, Prof. Look purchased the Livescibe pen with extra ink, paper and 8gb of capacity. He has used the pen for courses at St. Lawrence and Boston University. Class size ranges from 6 (Honors Differential Equations at St. Lawrence) to 120 (Introductory Statistics at BU). His pencasts are used for additional help and weekly quiz keys.

Prof. Look’s started creating pencasts at BU when he lived about an hour from the campus. Students who requested extra help on any specific problem could watch Dan pen through it, speaking as he writes.

Student evaluations confirm that the pencasts are a great addition to Prof. Look’s courses. An example pencast is embedded below.

Math 348 S12 Quiz 1
brought to you by Livescribe


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