FYS Portfolios

Students in Jessica McAlear’s first-year seminar are no strangers to technology in their classroom. Jessica incorporates the i>clicker classroom response system, supplements final papers with digital media projects, and encourages her freshmen to document achievements and larger projects in a portfolio created in Google Sites.

Students are also free (and occasionally required) to bring their laptops to class. “Students should get comfortable with technology now because it will come up again” she says. As for the portfolios, Jessica wants to set students up “so they can make connections between the work they do now and the work they’ll be doing their senior year. It’s a framework for their academic career at St. Lawrence that they can take with them after graduation.”

Jessica was already proficient with Google Sites from her graduate work at St. Lawrence. She has maintained several course portfolios as well as her own academic/professional portfolio. She will allocates 1/2 days every few weeks for students to work exclusively on their portfolios in class.




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