eClassroom Technology: Interactive Board Technologies

St. Lawrence has had a number of SMART Boards in place for over a decade (current locations can be found here:  This technology has become quite challenging to maintain so we have begun exploring other options.  Starting in the Fall 2011, we began piloting eBeam technology as a lower cost, more flexible option (current locations can be found here:

Surveying faculty on their use of the SMART Boards also indicated that use of the boards was in many cases somewhat basic (ie. tapping to advance PowerPoint presentations and perhaps annotating on occasion).  For this reason we are encouraging faculty make use of wireless presenters as a lower cost and more flexible approach to controlling presentations.  We are also endeavoring to locate projection whiteboards wherever possible as they allow for the low-tech approach of annotating with dry erase markers on the projected image.

Lastly, we are exploring an emerging technology which has the interactive technology built into the projector and is therefore quite cost effective.  We hope to be piloting interactive projectors soon.  Our hope is that this approach may in the longer-term allow us to bring interactive capabilities to many more classrooms.

If you teach in a space with an interactive board and have questions about its use or would like an introduction, please request a consultation.

Leave a reply, below, to let the Instruct community know how YOU use interactive board technology.

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