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A tour in an Arab country (using Google Earth) – Arabic 103

This project was divided into two steps:

Step 1:

The students had to create a brochure promoting a visit to an Arab Country.

Brochure requirements:

  • Name and location of country (where is it in the world)
  • Government (who leads the country, how they were elected, what type of government)
  • Sites to see (include at least seven sites to visit when in your country)
  • Geography (include natural attractions or natural resources in your country)
  • Culture (include at least 3 of the following in your brochure: holidays, dress, lifestyles/customs, food, recreation/games, language, economics)
  • Photos/Pictures (include at least 3 pictures or photos from your country)
  • It should be handwritten in Arabic.

Below is an example of a brochure about Morocco:

Step 2:

Students used Google Earth to explore the country that they chose.  They had to find at least seven landmarks in the country. For each landmark, they had to write a paragraph explaining its significance; then they created a movie using the “tour option”.

Below is an example of a tour also in Morocco:

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