Creating Videos

French 104 – The project was pretty open-ended. Students were asked to make a 10 minute video sharing a French subject with the class. In the video, it needed to be clear what subject they were talking about, they needed to provide some basic information about that subject, and they needed to show how it applied to everyday French life. For having such open guidelines, the students created many different kinds of videos about many different subjects. Below are several examples:

Les Crepes

Les Fetes Francaises

Jean Paul Gaultier

Football et le francais

Le ballet de Ryan

Spanish 446 – Students of Advanced Oral Skills had to create a 20-30 minute television news bulletin. For their video project, students had to search very recent news from a specific hispanic country, either in journals or in real television news bulletins of the hispanic world. Then, they had to rewrite their news in their own words, film themselves delivering their news, and create newsreels by including video or photo archives. Students used iMovie to create their video project.


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