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Google Earth Virtual Tour

A tour in an Arab country (using Google Earth) – Arabic 103 This project was divided into two steps: Step 1: The students had to create a brochure promoting a visit to an Arab Country. Brochure requirements: Name and location of country (where is it in the world) Government (who leads the country, how they […]

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Clickers in College Physics

Long time classroom response system advocate and physics professor Catherine Jahncke uses the i>clicker system in her non-majors introductory physics course daily. Prof. Jahncke polls her students (approximately 30 health science majors) to review concepts at the start of class and facilitate peer instruction. It lets the students know where they stand and allows prof. Jahncke […]

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Digital Ink: Pencasts in Differential Equations

Mathematics professor Dan Look provides students narrated pencasts of problems. For $200, Prof. Look purchased the Livescibe pen with extra ink, paper and 8gb of capacity. He has used the pen for courses at St. Lawrence and Boston University. Class size ranges from 6 (Honors Differential Equations at St. Lawrence) to 120 (Introductory Statistics at […]

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