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What, if anything, is inherently better (socially/personally/psychologically/politically….) about “real” interaction vs. “virtual” interaction?

When thinking about this question one big difference that came to me between real and virtual interaction is the sense of touch. I am always so surprised being able to actually feel something that you are in the presencse of is so important to me. Not only the interaction between two people of being able to give someone a hug. But in a virtual world you cant actually feel the things that you are interacting with. you only feel a keyboard or a mouse. it seems so strange and wrong that life could exist without being able to feel.

I was thinking for my project of doing the video mashup assignment. I would like to mix together a bunch of videos that involve touching things. people touching people, petting animals, picking things up. maybe with some mouse clicking and keyboard typing involved.

this idea kind of came from this commercial I remember seeing for Kleenex tissues. It is a person walking around touching things and every time they touch something it says “touch” and finally when they touch the tissues it says “feel”. I like the idea that while you’re in a virtual world maybe you are only touching but to actually have “real” interaction is to feel.

Just some ideas im playing with, im going to start to look for some youtube videos that could possibly work for this idea.

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