Today I did some work on my final. I like how its coming along so far and I am excited for the addition of sound to make it even better. I want to find songs about touching and feeling. I think that will make it a lot better. While working on the mash-up I decided that I really wanted to include clips that could remind people and they could relate to a feeling that they could only get in the real world, opposed to virtual world, things as simple as cutting a tomato and rolling down a hill to hugging  lion and surfing, I think the things that I choose are funny but also send the message that I was going for. Let me know what you  think!

[youtube euHYSMQfaB0]

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  • Jess, this is coming along nicely. A couple things though: I suggest that you take the Greys Anatomy clip out. For me it is jarring as the only television clip in there (that I can recognize).

    The two people who continue to show up and hug/play is kind of working to unify, but I feel like i should know them because they keep appearing. Could you use more varied clips?
    Also, What if you added more more more text. I like the beginning very much with “touch” and “feel”

    what if you included a variety of adjectives like warm,wet,soft,fresh, juicy to help make your point about physical feelings and experiences? What audio do you think you will use?

    are you considering using any transitions or effects in the clips?

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