self assessment and grade

I’m really happy that I decided to take this class this semester. When I first signed up for the class I thought that I would just skate by and make some pictures. When I got to the class I realized it was going to be much different. I really had to step back and think creatively and work hard to get done what I did this semester. I think this class as a whole was a challenge for me. I wouldn’t describe myself as creative, so sometimes I struggle to come up with ideas, and especially to express them. I like to stick to math problems and economics, concrete ideas with an answer. It was nice and refreshing to step a little out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to a new way of thinking and expressing myself. I think overall my problems were not learning the techniques with programs that we used, but deciding and liking how to express these new skills creatively.

Once we got into the semester and started working on projects I felt like the ideas came to me a little easier and I was able to execute and accomplish what I wanted to. There were definitely moments where I struggled, especially when it came to adding any kind of text to any assignment, but I tried to push through the discomfort and as least get something done.

I liked the aspect of blogging and being able to reflect whenever I felt inspired about my projects, and that you could see what I was thinking. I think it is a really great way for teacher and student to stay connected, up to date, and give/receive feedback. I really took advantage of the blog and made my reflections through and detailed.

I think I did a really good job behaving in class. I always tried to turn off my computer screen and pay attention when we were supposed to. I know that I would want that same respect if I was in the front of the class, so I tried to stick to it. There may have been a few moments of facebook during class. But as a whole I would say I was right on track in paying attention to what was going on.

I also think I did an excellent job participating in class. I think during every discussion I had some insight to add as to how I felt about the project and positive feedback for everyone else. I really think that I added a lot to the final critique discussion as well. I think I did a really excellent job of expressing my feelings and staying involved.

In giving myself a grade I think that I would give myself between a 3.0 and 3.5. I definetly completed all of the assignments in class adaquately. There were a few, like some of my photoshop pieces and my final project that I think I did really well and extremely throughly. I also think that my involvement in class and my complete and interesting reflection in my blogs should contribute to my grade.

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