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self assessment and grade

I’m really happy that I decided to take this class this semester. When I first signed up for the class I thought that I would just skate by and make some pictures. When I got to the class I realized it was going to be much different. I really had to step back and think creatively and work hard to get done what I did this semester. I think this class as a whole was a challenge for me. I wouldn’t describe myself as creative, so sometimes I struggle to come up with ideas, and especially to express them. I like to stick to math problems and economics, concrete ideas with an answer. It was nice and refreshing to step a little out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to a new way of thinking and expressing myself. I think overall my problems were not learning the techniques with programs that we used, but deciding and liking how to express these new skills creatively.

Once we got into the semester and started working on projects I felt like the ideas came to me a little easier and I was able to execute and accomplish what I wanted to. There were definitely moments where I struggled, especially when it came to adding any kind of text to any assignment, but I tried to push through the discomfort and as least get something done.

I liked the aspect of blogging and being able to reflect whenever I felt inspired about my projects, and that you could see what I was thinking. I think it is a really great way for teacher and student to stay connected, up to date, and give/receive feedback. I really took advantage of the blog and made my reflections through and detailed.

I think I did a really good job behaving in class. I always tried to turn off my computer screen and pay attention when we were supposed to. I know that I would want that same respect if I was in the front of the class, so I tried to stick to it. There may have been a few moments of facebook during class. But as a whole I would say I was right on track in paying attention to what was going on.

I also think I did an excellent job participating in class. I think during every discussion I had some insight to add as to how I felt about the project and positive feedback for everyone else. I really think that I added a lot to the final critique discussion as well. I think I did a really excellent job of expressing my feelings and staying involved.

In giving myself a grade I think that I would give myself between a 3.0 and 3.5. I definetly completed all of the assignments in class adaquately. There were a few, like some of my photoshop pieces and my final project that I think I did really well and extremely throughly. I also think that my involvement in class and my complete and interesting reflection in my blogs should contribute to my grade.


[youtube OH3yc5v9Z9k]

I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY FINAL!! I was really excited to show this in class today because I was really pleased with what I created. I really liked the feeling of getting excited to show this to the class. I think the message i was trying portray came across and the imagery was interesting. I think this was a great final project. The critque went really well and everyone presented such interesting pieces and ideas.

It was nice to end the semester on a good note with something that I was really excited about!!


Today I did some work on my final. I like how its coming along so far and I am excited for the addition of sound to make it even better. I want to find songs about touching and feeling. I think that will make it a lot better. While working on the mash-up I decided that I really wanted to include clips that could remind people and they could relate to a feeling that they could only get in the real world, opposed to virtual world, things as simple as cutting a tomato and rolling down a hill to hugging  lion and surfing, I think the things that I choose are funny but also send the message that I was going for. Let me know what you  think!

[youtube euHYSMQfaB0]

ideas for final

What, if anything, is inherently better (socially/personally/psychologically/politically….) about “real” interaction vs. “virtual” interaction?

When thinking about this question one big difference that came to me between real and virtual interaction is the sense of touch. I am always so surprised being able to actually feel something that you are in the presencse of is so important to me. Not only the interaction between two people of being able to give someone a hug. But in a virtual world you cant actually feel the things that you are interacting with. you only feel a keyboard or a mouse. it seems so strange and wrong that life could exist without being able to feel.

I was thinking for my project of doing the video mashup assignment. I would like to mix together a bunch of videos that involve touching things. people touching people, petting animals, picking things up. maybe with some mouse clicking and keyboard typing involved.

this idea kind of came from this commercial I remember seeing for Kleenex tissues. It is a person walking around touching things and every time they touch something it says “touch” and finally when they touch the tissues it says “feel”. I like the idea that while you’re in a virtual world maybe you are only touching but to actually have “real” interaction is to feel.

Just some ideas im playing with, im going to start to look for some youtube videos that could possibly work for this idea.

flow & video games reflection

I think while listening to the section of the video game talk by the student, his feelings on videos games really is like a flow for him. I bet while he is in the moment playing those games he would express his feelings very similar to what was described in the flow video.

I think it is really interesting to see someone be so passionate about gaming. It is a whole world that I had no idea existed. He puts an idea in everyone head about the future and how happiness will be increased  through the virtual world of video games.

I think in relating these pieces for our project, we could reflect on a place where we feel that we are in a flow and represent it through the assignment.

flow & video games notes


Increase in material resources do not increase happiness.
DO we feel really happy?
Talk to artist and find what makes their lives meaningful and worth doing.
Processes that only happen to specific people…..
Can create with less  then 10 years of knowledge in specific field, begin to change something in a way that is better then before
Spontaneous flow- idea that things just happen, what you are doing you don’t want it to stop. Feel happy. Passion. Completely involved. Ecstasy, inner clarity, know exactly what you want to do, know its possible even though difficult, forget yourself. Worth doing for own sake.
How do you put more and more of everyday life in flow chart?

Video Games

37 target audience
World of war craft
Losing grip on reality
Addicted to video games
Play enough games, will make you believe you can do those things
Allow to become part of the machine
Games beginning to make emotions, more real then text book or story
Maybe brainwashing isn’t always bad
Power to break down reality
Open new frontiers


Here is my remix of Banged and Blown by Saul Williams and Heartbeats by The Knife. 


[youtube 5JspTICBVLo]


[youtube h0cKxxNbxII]

songs in remix

No Diggity- Blackstreet

Funky Town- Lipps Inc.

My Life be Like- Gritz

The New Workout Plan- Kanye West

Electric Feel- MGMT

Jai Ho- A.R. Rehman

Got Money- Lil Wayne

this film is not yet rated

The movie we watched today about the MPAA rating board was really interesting. I never knew what went into rating a film and I was surprised to find out that noone else really does either. I was very surprised with the need to keep the names of these people secret. One of my favorite parts of the film was when they were comparing movies with the NC-17 rating and an R rating. It is crazy to think that the ratings of the films are so subjective to these people who we have no idea who they are or how they were choosen for this job. It is also shocking to see how the opinions of these random people can effect the lives of these people who are making the movies. The difference between have a movie rated R and NC-17 can be millions of dollars.

I was also thinking about how these people got the jobs of becoming a rater. It seems like the entire system is completely corrupt and there is no method behind who becomes a rater and how the movies are rated. I was also shocked to see who was on the list of members to the appeal board. It is amazing how the people who run the MPAA said there was no outside influence on the appeal but the people on the board are so influential in the movie business. Having the type of influence  that they have on the appeals and what movies get what ratings and can be released has a huge impact on them.

I also really liked the private investigator in the film. She was an every day person and I was so satisfied with the fact that she solves the mystery and was able to uncover the names of these people. It was almost to easy for her to come up with the names, which shows how the MPAA wasnt idealy doing the best job of keeping the members of their board secret.

I think trying to relate all of the films that we have watched recently on copyright and censorship is really interesting to think about. Before this class I had never really put much thought into what I watch on TV or what I listened to. I just did it without a second thought and enjoyed what I was able to have. Bringing up these new ideas to me of copyright and censorship has made me really think more about the media that I do take part in everyday. I think that these issues have become much more important and obvious to my generation. With the explosion of technology and the increase in violence and sexual content these issues have exploded in the industry. Things that people would have never dreamed about seeing are some of the major issues in films today.