first garage band try: bass line

[youtube X2lrN7ewz4Q]

Girl Talk

Here is this video of Girl Talk at SLU

[youtube XUgMbu25zw8]

how creativity is being strangled by the law

The talk we just watched by Larry Lessig was very interesting. I found his relation and explanation of todays idea of copyright from past influences really intriguing. I especially like his idea of not stealing someone elses work but turning it into something of your own. I also liked how he was able to make a distinction between generations. There definetily a distinction between the way our generation creates things and generations of the past. I liked his quote about how his generation watches tv and our generation creates tv. I thought that was a really insightful example of the differentiation. One idea of his that I also left with was the concept behind planes tresspassing on peoples land and how rediculous it was. I like how he related that to the idea of making a copy of a song. I like how he believes that our laws are predigital and need to reworked in order for creativity to be free.

learning to love you more: #52

Phone Conversation you with you could have!

Dad: Hey Jess

Me: Hi Dad

Dad: I have something that I want to talk to you about.

Me: Dad I already told you I don’t want to talk about Grit anymore.

Dad: Well I have some news that might make you feel better about talking about him.

Me: I doubt it, what is it?

Dad: Well your mother and I decided that instead of selling your horse while you start your new job, you can keep him at home and come see him and ride him on the weekends when you come home.

Me: DAD! thats amazing! Are you sure you are ok with this? I know it will be really expensive and I wont have much extra money beacuse I am just starting my job.

Dad: Its fine, your mother and I decided that it would be nice for you to still have him since he has been such a great horse for you.

Me: Dad, that is the best news. I was really sad thinking about the idea of having to get rid of him.

Dad: Yeah, we understood that it was making you really sad and we think that this will be the best thing for you and him.

Me: I am so happy you guys made this decision! I love you.

Dad: We love you too.

good copy bad copy

I really liked the film that we just watched. It was really interesting to put the ideas of copyrighting on the fore front a little more considering we are going to be having girl talk at SLU this weekend. One of my favorite parts of the movie was how in the end it had come full circle and all of the artists and music was much more related then I thought in the beginning. The way the Brazilian guy was talking about Gnarls Barkley and how the guy from Girl talk then had the music that the Brazilian guy had made was so interesting. To hear the view points of different people about copyrighting was interesting also. I dont really think much about downloading music and I have to say I have definetily been guilty of it. I really think that it is so hard at this time in our lives to ever stop copyrighting. The way the spread of information has developed it is crazy what people are able to share with one another over the internet. I think it is hard to say what my personal reactions are on copyrighting. I think that we should be able to sharee music with one another. I always wonder how the more main stream bigger artists feel about having their music shared over the internet.

final stop motion!

Yay! I think Im finally finished and happy with my project. Here is the final draft with the sound!

[youtube XfL99UMfVhI]

stop motion with sound

So tonight I added the sound to my movie and changed some of the images by adding more color. I was thinking more and more about the meaning of what I created after our critique and the blog posts from yesterday. I added a title slide that says “A new day” I like the idea of thinking of my piece as it becoming a new day. Im totaly a morning person and what I created reminds me of a relaxing morning getting up early and getting ready to start my day. I like how the colors get more aggressive and fast towards the end of the piece as I would be moving on from my quiet peaceful morning to start my day. I don’t know if I’m reaching a lot with this idea, but after I thought about it I began to like what I had created more. I like with the addition of sound that you get a calm repetition which is very similar to the images in the piece. Any feedback on the updated project? or the sound? The quality of the video isnt that great. I think I uploaded the wrong QT version but I already left the lab.

Thanks Amy!

[youtube dy7ODCHdtfw]

why should we care and 21st century

I really want to take this blog to reflect on why should we care. It is so hard with so many things to look at and see and relate to in the world to choose what we should care about. When creating things its sometimes hard for me to care about other peoples work, because I dont think they care about mine. Also, I really need to care about what Im doing to make other people want to care. It was hard to hear amy ask what was different about our pieces that would make people want to look at them and care about them because I couldnt answer that question. I had no idea what set my stop motion pieces apart from anyone elses. This was also hard for me because this is one of my least favorite things that I have done all semester. I need to spend more time reflecting and deciding how I can put more meaning into what I created.

The creative process is so much more then I ever thought!

Stop Motion

[youtube Jm6ILKiOmEI]

Creating this stop motion has been a little frustrating for me. I didn’t really like my first idea so I started over with these new images of the ocean and the sunrise. I wish that when I had taken the pictures of the sunrise I had used a tripod or something to hold the camera still I feel like I spent a lot of time aligning the stills which was a pain. I really like how the waves turned out and how they look with the changes of color. I would like to add some text to the project to maybe give it more meaning, but I’m struggling a little with where I want to add it. Most of the changes I made have been recent because I didn’t have my images until spring break. I want to spend some more time this week finishing it up and making some final changes before I submit the project.

What can I do to make the sections more cohesive?

Do you think I need to add more collage images?

How could I possibly add more of myself into the project?

Text suggestions?

Stop Motion

Here is an in progress of my new stop motion. I’m struggling a little with where to go with this piece next. I really like how adding the butterflies to the sunrise worked out. I also added the boat to the final wave section. I also spent a lot of time using the different effects in imovie with the colors in the beginning of the piece. I guess what I’m wondering is maybe how I should blend the three different sections together. They are all related being on the beach and with a similar view point. I just dont think they blend together completely. Also, Im sturgging a little to incorprate more of myself into the project. I think that the photographs are really pretty images, especially the sunrise but I with it had a little more to do with me. I liked the idea that you had about using sound as more of a personalized addition to the piece. I guess Im just looking for what your suggestions are for blending the sections and also if you think I should have more added visual elements or maybe I should try and incorporate some artrage. Im open to any feedback and suggestions! Thanks!

[youtube m5MCasoX-co]