Final Mash-up

For the mash-up, my intention was to splice together some short home videos along with longer home videos, some personal, some from strangers. The intention was to show how fast time goes by, and yet how it seems that it just kinda drones on forever too.


Here are my final pieces done on photoshop! This was the program I had the most trouble with, but ANYWHO….here you go 😀 enjoy!

NB –  Still have three more to finish!

Demonization of the First Lady

For this final project, I chose to do 5 works in Photoshop in the style of the Berlin Dada collage. I wanted to respond to the hurtful and hateful rumors/lies that the media has said about the most public and powerful women in our government: The First Lady. I chose to work based off the “official” White House portraits and manipulated them into what the media and misinformed baboons  have tried to portray them. My intentions were to try to visualize these women physically through the eyes of the nay-sayers to see just how ridiculous their claims really are. To me, this was the perfect wrap-up for the Digital Media Course I took because I was able to work with a program I struggled learning as well as take current events and media culture into one final project. Stay tuned for the other three portraits!



On people who shoot down conversation but do not back up their points. Yuck. Empty rhetoric…

Who tells you you can’t do something just because they have special training? In some instances, people who learn things on their own by actually getting “down and dirty” and practicing vs the person who sits in the classroom and learns it from a book and then writes another book about it.

FYI: Green Narrative

Oh hello!

Just an FYI, my narrative for DMC on the color green is up and running on YouTube.

It’s super cheesy but I enjoyed editing the video!

Dan Pink: Rethinking

The Candle Problem

1945 Carl Dunker

Behavioral Science: Motivation

Garage Band and Narrative

Clover T clips audio clips


Adding loops:

To export, “Mix it down”: the track must be “mixed down” to compress. Before you send it to Itunes, unmute everything and export it to itunes. from itunes, you can import to imovie.



For the Narrative; a draft

the color is GREEN!

the gardner

Narrative Theme: Green

Having grown up in the city, I saw a lot of the color green. Street signs are large green rectangles, graffiti and other murals around the city highlight their works with touches of neon green and of course there is Central and Prospect Parks. People love to wear green and khaki cameo in the city. But when I think of the color green, I don’t picture the city. I picture the ride up from the NYC on route 11, seeing the rolling hills and landscapes I never have experienced before. I think of the feelings I get when I wake up in my dorm on a breezy fall day or early spring morning, having a casual drink out on the quad on a blanket. The greens that bring back memories to me are dark, olive shades mixed with forest leaf greens and the smell of grass and the trails going to the sandbanks. I know the smell of grass and the smell of the trails are not visible shades of green, but when I smell them they are the truest green I have ever experienced. Before the sprawling campus of St. Lawrence, before route 11, before the mountains of New Hampshire, before the hikes onto the peaks of the Adirondacks, I hated green. I pictured the ugly, waxy green color of Crayola crayons. I thought of dried up pigeon poop on the sidewalk of 6th Ave. The number 6 train is green, a train I took into some pretty sketchy parts of the Bronx when I dated an ex-boyfriend. Streets in the city are mostly one-way going across avenues and that just really is inconvenient when the avenues are clogged up during all hours of the day. Those giant green street signs taunt you from one block over, the block you need to get on but can’t get onto in a timely fashion ‘cause it’s gonna take you about an hour to move up the block. I hated manufactured green so much I am pretty sure I did not own a piece of clothing in that color until a year or two ago, a comfy blue-green sweater. I lost it in the wash in Sykes soon after. I have been so fortunate to be able to change my experience with the color green. What’s really been fascinating is that I could change my feelings towards a color in only three years when I had been harboring a deep loathing to it the previous 18 years. Maybe one day, I’ll have the privilege to see the true nature of the color yellow and learn to like it too.