My video project is a video diary entry, I used my voice as if I was writing in my journal thinking about and talking about my father in 2009-2010. I feel like I can definitely add more to my video, I would like to expand the ending a little. I would also like to edit my video transitions, in order to make my video stronger. I feel like my video was a great final project because in cooperated documentary style video with a narrative video, e I really struggled to find my voice and try to open up as much as I can in front of a camera. Also I used what I learned from video mash-ups, as well our collage project inorder to finish this project. Even though this is a shorter version of a longer memorial movie I plan to do in the future (also more personal), interviewing and searching for images and videos took alot of time. So I am very proud of my detective work!!

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  • What are your ideas?

I discuss this in my previous blog


Stressed out and confused college student, who needs a summer job.


I am an emotional roster coaster all day, everyday.

  • Dope. I am not, I still live in the Bronx, I don’t have job to support myself. As well as I have not changed the world yet.
  • How do you come up with ideas?

The first idea is based on what you mentioned in class. The rest are projects that I always wanted to do but was never able to.

  • ideas to fill your day, when you have a free day?

I don’t ever have a free day, I work on the weekends. And Sunday is the sacred universal HW day .lol

  • when you need to write a story?

I don’t really like writing, I actually like to bake when I am stressed.

  • when you need to get a gift for someone?

I give them something thoughtful, nothing expensive usually.

  • create a work of art?

I like personal space, music and taking my time.

  • Can you list a bunch of your interests? from the most mundane and fleeting to the most solidified interests that you know will be with you forever?
  • What makes you make the things that you make?


  • Why do you look at the things you do, and read the things you read?

Because I find them visually appealing and intellectual stimulating.

  • Who inspires you? Who are your heroes?

My father, my mother, my godfather and Lady Gaga.

  • Of living people, would you most want to be, if such things were possible? Why?
  • And who would you least want to be? Why?


  • If you could create a fictional character that you could be, who would that be ad why?
  • Do you watch television? If so what?

I watch tv sometimes, I watch Glee, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs.

  • Film? What? Is there a certain kind of film that you watch and why is that?

I like many different types of films:

Horror, Mystery, Comedy, Action and Foreign

  • What does AUTONOMY mean?

Ability to make  one’s own decisions.

  • Free write and all of these, do not edit. If you really do this freely and fully, I bet you will learn about yourself and find out a bit about who you are.

A) I definitely want to do a rotoscope video:

Something fun

Face shots – using artrage, photoshop (maybe final cut)

Invisibilia Ideas For Dozen Blog

I do want to do a paper print graffiti project, represent the women of Juarez, as well as our struggles in the west with unions.

JR, a French street artist

How to Videos:

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I do not know if this would count as a documentary but possibly a film on my father? I am currently working on this on my own. I have about 8 different interviews I have conducted with my family members. I have over 100 pictures as well as beginning of a narrative. Maybe I could get Alcee’s help ? 🙂

“Fantasy can be both pacifying and radically destabilizing.”

For the male libidinal economy it appears, ‘the only good woman is a dead woman.”

“Cinema is the ultimate pervert art. It doesn’t give you what you desire – it tells you how to desire” – Slavoj Zizek


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