No Co R Users

R, Matey! 

This page is a repository for information about the North Country R Users Group (NoCoRUG?)


“Data Wrangling” with Ivan Ramler

3:30pm July 15th, 2015, 226 Johnson Hall of Science, St. Lawrence University

Code to run before the meeting:

Code for the meeting:

Links to Rstudio Cheat Sheets:



“Plotting a map in R” with Linda Auker

Friday, May 1 at 3:30, 226 Johnson Hall of Science

Sites file

Handout1(Making a Map Word doc)

Handout2(Map Making R code)



“Reading Data into R” with Erika Barthelmess and Michael Schuckers

January 16, 2015, Flagg 162, SUNY Potsdam

EPL Fantasy XLSX Data

Field Metabolic Rates Data



Getting Started with R and RStudio with Robin Lock

December 18, 2014, Johnson Hall of Science 224, St. Lawrence University

Here are the documents from Robin Lock’s presentation

RStudio PowerPoint

Getting Data

R Platforms Handout



Some Links:

Link to download R

Link to download RStudio

100 Free R tutorials

(Even one from Clarkson.  Who knew?)

A 1 page reference sheet

A 2 page reference sheet

A step by step quick intro to R syntax and data in your browser

# this I just found and it looks like a nice try-it-in-your-browser thing.