1. Please briefly explain which project from this course you are most pleased with and why, and the project you are least pleased with and why. Be specific.

I am most pleased with my self portrait.  I loved being able to get more acquainted with Illustrator, and I thought it was a good challenge.  I had never done a self portrait digitally, and thought this was the perfect program to do it in.  While I really like the final image I chose, I still really like the orange and green color pallet, and still can’t decide which one I like better (the blue/green or green/orange?).  Overall, I just loved this assignment, and I loved the end result- it was also cool how they were blown up, and are now hanging in the hallway!

I am most displeased with… the placing of my “monster text” in images.  I would like to eventually go back and do something with the new font I added (the big bubble letters).   I am not necessarily displeased with my Lion King movie, but I would really have liked to be able to add the music- I think that adding the music would make it much stronger.  However, after trying just about every possibility, and even having a special one-on-one session, I am still unable to do it… I’ll figure it out eventually!!!  I was unsuccessful doing it in Garageband, iMovie, Final Cut, iTunes (yes, I tried that too because I was desperate).  I just wish that the new iMovie wasn’t so restricting.

2. Please discuss what you learned during the term regarding your own working methods, your creative voice, your creative problem solving.

For me, I have realized that I like to look at a bunch of possibilities before I decide what I want something to look like- in other words, I like to play around with my work, and then decide which option I like best (a good example of this is when I did my self portrait, and when I also did my High Entertainment response).  Also, I know now, that in order for me to really come up with an idea that I like, and am excited about, I need to do research, and play around with ideas (brainstorm).  I know that sounds like a completely normal thing, and I know it’s important as an artist to be able to do, but I really saw the importance of it this semester.  Especially since we had a lot more freedom.  A specific example of the importance of brainstorming, is my Conceptual Photography project.  If you look on my blog, I have a BUNCH of ideas that I came up with that eventually led me to another idea, that eventually led me to the idea of adding in my Creature Friend into my childhood images.   As far as learning the programs through working with the them, I still feel very strongly about it.  That is something that I have always found to be an effective way of learning for me.  A very recent example of having to do this would be for our final project in Flash.  Once I finally grasped the basic concepts, I was able to create things that I actually wanted to (Tweening, Aplha, etc)

3. In terms of creative challenge, how much do you feel you challenged yourself (something that is not easy to do when learning a new method of expression) in this course on a scale from 1-5 (5 being the most challenging). Explain.

I challenged myself when learning Flash animation, because while the Panda Tutorial did show the VERY basics, it wasnt enough to learn how to make a real animation.  I had to research all of that stuff on my own, watch tutorials, read them, and then try them out on my own.   I also learned a really cool effect of how to make the text look like it is writing itself- can be seen in my final flash video project.  I would like to look into doing more work using this technique.  On a scale from 1-5, I’d say that I challenged myself at a 4.5?  I think that it depended on the project, and the assignment.  I pushed myself harder for projects where I didn’t know the program as well- Flash, the new iMovie, etc.  I feel very comfortable creating images, and less so making animated scenes.  But I think that kind of a question is hard to answer, because I feel every art project is a challenge in the sense that you are trying to make something effective and looks good.  I try to do this every time I create something.  I know that I pushed myself a lot for the iMovie project where we had to do a reenactment of a sad scene from a movie, and that I gave myself a more difficult project because the original film is animated.  I had to find alternatives for the Stampede, and i had to split up some of the scenes in order to separate things that normally would be together in the same clip (because I was limited on actors, and because of the stop motion stampede).  To be completely honest, I wish I could have challenged myself more with more advanced programs (like Final Cut and Motion) but we were unable to get to them.  I would like to have seen what I would have made while using them.




[youtube aKFKgQVpRsg]

Apple and Bananas Lyrics:

(yes, i spelled Eaples and Baneaneas wrong…)

[youtube 5XhfuvLx5NA]

[youtube ePeiVM_fN00]

I looked at many tutorials before starting my project, and I decided that I really wanted to learn to do something cool with text (make it draw out on its own)

Here are a few of the things I looked at in order to make this animation:

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3

Tutorial 4

I definitely feel I still have a lot more to learn with animation in Flash, but I think that I got a good start as far as the basics, and a few more advanced techniques that helped speed up some of the process- it all comes with working with the program though


  • reversing keyframes
  • Tweening (which realizing now, and I feel dumb about, I should have already known- must have looked over it)
  • Alpha= the opacity

[youtube rejsSbPCH0M]

(sound still to come next semester)

right now…. I still have to go through and crop some of the frames to tighten up some areas- I also (once the stop motion is done) will be adding in the music, which will add a more dramatic effect

[youtube V5l9IOUOwi0]

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