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December 15, 2009

Rotoscoping in After Effects:

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This is a basic explanation for what Rotoscoping is:

After I Cleaned up the Clip in Photoshop and After Effects:

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The natural water that fell from the soap box needed to be cleaned, so that a digital water formation could be placed there instead.  In order for this to be possible, I had to clean up the water, clear the woman’s stomach of water droplets.

to do this:  I had to create layers of the movie clip, rotoscope around the arms and hands/the soap box, and create a mask- this way those objects will be singled out, and separate from the water falling.  Also, I had to create a clean stomach image that looked real enough, and could move slightly in After Effects, in Photoshop.  Because there were some flaws in the water (part of the swimsuit was floating to the side), I also had to clean that area to the left of her hip, and make the water still flow naturally.

The new digitally constructed water was later created by Chris at the LSD Group in Maya.





Original Clip for Soap Commercial

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These are images from the originally filmed clip of the woman lifting the soap out of the ocean water:





–notice how the water is falling from the soap box–

Image From Final Product:

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image from final animation- I cut out his arms by rotoscoping his hands, and letter V (above), and then placing Keyframes in the animation in After Effects- – After I did that, Nelson at the LSD Group placed it into Maya to make the animation more 3D, then back into After Effects to finish the final animation of the whole product.


(above)- as stated below, this is the end product in the TV show intro.- my animation was placed into the final product

Entrance of Show Title in After Effects:

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I worked on this animation in After Effects (that plays at the end of the TV show intro), where it was later placed into  Maya, and then back into After Effects by Nelson at the LSD Group– The final product can be seen above in next post:

Learning Maya Animation:

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In Maya, I learned how to animate a basic 3D hammer and 3D nail.  In order to animate this scene, I had to illuminate the area, and place the camera in m desired location.  The hammer takes 3 swings to fully get the nail into the floorboard.

Learning After Effects:

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This was just one of the practice videos I worked on in After Effects.  I split the background into two sections, so that the fire hydrant was able to come forward towards the viewer.

3 Objects in Maya

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my first object made in Maya- Screwdriver!

far away USB

USB port

middle USB

top USB

front USB

December 3, 2009

Side Streets:

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I was really drawn to the buildings, and I loved how they look from the back.  Everything looks so old, but so beautiful at the same time


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was just too gross not to photograph…

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