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This site is a place where NCAT student employees and professional staff can share expertise, report problems, and enjoy the fluffy goodness of the NCAT with our users.

There are many ways to find help with your specific questions about hardware and software supported in the NCAT. Most of the time, a quick look through the documentation (in the Help menu) is all it takes. If you encounter a problem that involves an application or piece of hardware behaving unexpectedly, save your work and restart the equipment. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, consult a member of the NCAT student staff for assistance. Within this site are some resources for getting help with some of the most commonly used items in the NCAT.

Here we provide tutorial type material/tips for the NCAT users to access from the NCAT support website/student blog.

SLU also makes available to campus users online training in many of the titles available in the NCAT. Visit the IT site to learn more about VTC.

Downloadable pdf instruction manuals for equipment in the NCAT can be found on the main NCAT site:


Friday, Sept. 12, 2014

This week I want to start giving you some information about the updated iLife and Pro apps from Apple that are here in the NCAT. Changes are not Earth shattering but things have moved around and the recommended workflow to handle media has changed. But first I want you to just take a look at the new look sometime this week by watching this.

It is a less than 33 minute video introduction to the new version of iMovie:

Sharing the final movie file can’t be done via iDVD anymore (we don’t even have it on the NCAT machines). For most students, just sharing the movie file is fine as they will watch it on a computer anyway. If a DVD is absolutely necessary, because it will be viewed in a DVD connected to a TV, then we are recommending using Compressor. More about that later.

Friday, Jan. 30, 2015

All monitors now have access to the NCAT 7am-1am so you can come in and see me.

There is now a Tuesday evening class in the the upstairs, NC108, on Tuesday evening 7-9:45pm.

You all also have access to a folder on scratch/data/NCAT_Workers. It gives you additional storage space, should you need it.

We met today to review iMovie and the backup/transfer process. Please review and practice it. Details are on the iMovie page here in the blog. If you still haven’t explored iMovie, here is a written tutorial with screenshots:–mac-59638

Also review how to use compressor to create a DVD. Details on that are on the Compressor page of this blog.