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sibeliusA knowledge base about Sibelius, the music notation software.

We currently have version 7. Documentation here and manufacturer support here.

Learn basics in one hour – visit this tutorial for Sibelius 6 but very relevant anyway.

Sibelius crashed? You must wait 3 minutes for the license server to release and allow you to relaunch the program.

Can’t hear the notes played as entered using the MIDI keyboard? Check here:

Are notes, clefs, other symbols display incorrectly on Mac OS X? Follow these suggestions from Sibelius:

Not hearing playback of your composition?

Open the Project 1 score of Scarborough Fair and see if it plays. If successful, close it and retry your own.

Seeing an auto save error every 10 minutes?

  • Under the Sibelius menu, select Preferences
  • At the left, click on Files, then on right look for section titles Saving/Exporting Files, click on SET
  • Select the folders in this order: Documents/Scores/Backup/Scores/Autosave, click on choose
  • Click ok to close preferences

This is a individual workstation preference that will need to be redone as you change computers.

Sibelius 7.5 score files cannot be opened in Sibelius 7.0.x or 7.1.x.

The remedy is for the Sibelius 7.5 user to “Export as previous version” any score they wish to send to users of earlier versions of Sibelius. Make sure you rename the exported score file to distinguish it from the original 7.5 version.

Sibelius tips and tricks – a pdf.