Peter Warden’s reading at Tauny on 10/8/2012


You managed to dislodge it
to poison it
to cut off all nutriment
to bathe it in acid and unburning fire

Like the nascent one that only
caused you nausea
Our love was quenched before
it could even see

How could your kiss turn
a murky shallow river
into a golden flood
of songbirds and sunlight

How could it turn again
the azure the caress
of the breeze
into gloom

Grey muddy fallen leaves
on love trod grass
dark swirling waters
silently speaking your secrets

How can one bench
hold hope love passion
despair regret remorse
cradle love and speak treachery

How can an old brick building
beckon the treasure
I waited a lifetime to find
and demure, bespeak another lifetime of forgetting

How can all my tears fall into
an empty abyss
evaporating in no time
the reduction of aeons

Or do they fall into your
erstwhile aquarium
Ever needing as you once said
more diversity in the male population?

How can my poison
once honey
ever be neutralized
when your tears

The one antidote
have sunk into the porous
stone which now encircles
the stockade around your heart

How can I hope for any spring
when ice forms on my eyelids
my hands are frozen shut
my feet buried in snow

And you laugh at my fragility
swinging war hammers over your head
feigning indifference
worse yet

Feeling it
so a statue to our frozen love
no Ozymandias to be unearthed in years to come
I remain still, forgotten

Crystalline tears trapped on my stony cheeks
impotent viscous potion to reverse the course of time
sorrowful sublimate painful condensate
glacial demise

Our love slowly calves into a
sea of equanimity


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