Rajiv Narula’s Reading at Tauny on 10/8/2012

Miracle in a Bottle

Sitting at the Laundromat
And observing
The laundry detergent bottle……
Amazing innovations by the human brain;
Ingredients to remove dirt from fabrics
– Anionic surfactants ;
Components to soften water
– Complex sodium phosphates ;
Agents to protect washer parts
– Silicates ;
Chemicals to improve processing, Reduce wrinkling,
Prevent fabric discoloration and fading……
Colorants, perfumes, softeners!……
The Endless List….
Cool! I thought …..
And Guess What; everything’s biodegradable….
Sounds like a miracle in a bottle !!

How about another miracle,
To clean our hearts and minds,
To lift dirt from our lives,
Soften the hardness,
Protect our tenderness,
Our innocence; The Love and Peace that we are composed of,
Carry the fragrance of our noble deeds,
Making us sweet and good,
How about another innovation?

Please don’t try the detergent, by the way……
It might kill you!

Love Chemistry!

Oh my sweetheart,
You’re sweeter than glucose,
My heart accelerates
Thinking about you
You fascinate me
More than the laws of Thermodynamics,
You are far apart
And I miss you every second!
But also, since distance equals velocity times time,
Let’s let velocity and time approach infinity,
Because I want to go all the way with you.
And I assure you, you will enjoy the ride,
My love for you is like Entropy,
There could be a little chaos here and there,
But it’s always increasing,
You’re hotter than a bunsen burner
Set to full power,
And your body has the nicest arc length
I’ve ever seen
You certainly have a heart of gold
And your eyes are darker and deeper,
Than the precipitate of copper nitrate and sodium sulfide!
I won’t stop bugging you until
I get the address of your heart,
And get to stay there forever,
And we share an awesome Chemistry!
You and I can form the strongest Covalent Bond,
And have some spectacular chemical reactions
That form unique products that I’m sure you’ll love,
I know we react in our excited states
But in our normal states
We are as compatible as Noble gases
Why don’t we measure the coefficient of variation
Between you and me
And convert our potential energy to kinetic energy
There will be no substitution reaction ever, I can assure,
Because you are the only one in my life
And will ever be
You know I love you,
More than sodium loves chlorine,
So don’t think a lot
Let’s react and settle!

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