John Berbrich’s reading at Brush Gallery on January 28th, 2013

To My Inner Monster

Hello, little guy
Haven’t seen you in a while
You used to come out when the moon was high
Or when summoned by a bottle
Of Southern Comfort

Or when my deep-down voices
Got out of control
And the deadly daily humdrum
The mundane the quotidian
Seemed close to gaining the upper hand

It was then you’d struggle to escape
To claw your way to the surface
To breathe fresh air
Look around with the wild light
In your eyes

It’s been a long time
But I can feel you in there somewhere
Your bones must be so stiff
Your muscles weak with disuse
Your eyes dull

Come up here where I can see you, my little monster
We can tell each other
Bold stories of the past
Remember the good times
Sleeping in parked cars

On the beach in an abandoned building
Lurching staggering striding crawling
On our hands and knees
For something

Hey you’re big
You’ve been growing, I see
Swollen, ready for action
Let’s go on a midnight creep
Look together
Through my wild eyes.

-John Berbrich

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