Featured Poet: Sam Lagor

Sam is a senior at St. Lawrence majoring in geology and TAing in the geo department. Sam is also a member of the Java house, a theme residence that runs the on campus free music venue, The Java Barn. In his free time you can catch Sam longboarding or snowboarding, depending on the weather, writing poetry, or catching a show.

Sam Lagor Audio 1
Sam Lagor Audio 2

Q: What made you want to start writing? When did you begin?
I have enjoyed hearing people speak as long as I can remember.  I’m fascinated by anyone that can captivate an audience.  I like songs that are stories.  I take note on how folks phrase things, especially when I’m in a new spot.  I probably started jotting little lines for myself sometime in middle school.

Q: How do you write? In a notebook? On a computer? In a special place?
I just got this little red book I’ve been trying to keep in close proximity for quick jots – especially by my bedside.  I write when something comes to me; my phone is full of notes with just 2-10 lines, things I can come back and revisit later.  I like getting in a mindset, taking on a task late at night.  Sometimes the computer is great for me, sometimes it’s my greatest enemy.  I like to re-edit a lot of stuff before I feel its “complete” so the digital media makes that easier.  I always regret when I have an idea or a new thought on something I’ve been tinkering with and I don’t immediately start working on it, or at least note it down.  When the muse comes to ya, you’ve got to walk with her.

Q: Who are the poets who most inspire you?
Daniel Dumile, Robert Hunter, King David

Q: Do you have a favorite poem/s written by other poet? What is in that poem/s that you like the most?
No favorites.  Like I said, I appreciate anything that recounts a good story.  I really like lines with double rhymes.  See That’s That by MF DOOM

Q: What kind of topic/s do you write about? What topics do you find it hard to write about?
I like to write about what I’ve got going on! Everyday things I do; skateboarding, partying, reflecting.  Awkward situations.  Epic histories.  Righteousness without self-righteousness.  Accounts everyone can identify with.I struggle to write the things I know little about.  Affairs close to the heart.  Tribulations.  Catastrophic loss.  The future with any certainty.

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