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Here are all the links I’ve been sent so far. Thanks for your help!

Slain Calif. Teen: Hate-Crime Victim?

Getting help is hard for gay domestic violence victims

Lesbians affected by domestic violence, report says

Personal stories of domestic violence in same sex relationships

Domestic Violence in Gay and Lesbian Relationships – Another Closet

Same Sex Domestic Violence – An Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection

Gay Domestic Violence

— Jillian

Ribbon colors for Coming Out Day

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I was bored so thought it would be helpful to list them here as I know them.

Red: Lesbian

Orange: Bisexual

Yellow: Straight

Green: Transgender

Blue: Gay

Purple: Queer

Brown: Asexual

Pink: Support for coming out

For everyone’s reference.

— Jillian

The first asexual TV character

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… that I’ve ever heard of, at least. It’s Jillian again, kicking off the discussion. Of course I would begin with my own favorite SaGA-related subject: asexuality.

A couple months ago in my wanderings on the internet I came across Gerald, the only character on TV that I’ve ever known to use the label asexual. This was a very exciting moment, as you might expect, and I went around telling all my friends, as you might expect. He is a character in Shortland Street, a New Zealand… soap opera… and someone is compiling his story on YouTube. I would have preferred that the first fictional media representation of my sexual orientation not be on a soap opera, but in my opinion their accents make up for it. As does the fact that it’s all quite accurate so far. One more reason out of many to be a fan of New Zealand.

Keeping in mind that it’s, well, a soap opera, what do you think? How would you react in the characters’ positions? Also, if you’ve ever heard of any other characters calling themselves asexual, let me know. I will have to check them out.

Let’s talk!

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Hello, everyone. Jillian here, SaGA’s secretary. In an effort to increase opportunities for discussion amongst the always awesome members of our group, I decided to create this blog. Pretty cool, SLU’s new blog network, isn’t it? I figure that we can use it to talk outside meetings about upcoming projects, current events, and general issues in the community. (Am I the only one who’s always wanted to be a blogger? I hope not, or this will be a lonely endeavor…)

This, of course, is the requisite first post that every blogger writes that contains no real substance. Now, your turn.

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