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On the afternoon of September 24, avid  SLU American Chemical Society members hit the road to clean the 2-mile adopted stretch of Rt-68. The weather was perfect and the turn out was superb. I think all the participating members can agree that it was a pleasantly  fun and valuable experience. The community and earth thanks you!

Additionally, a special thanks to Dr. Glazier for allowing us to make her house the rally point!


Biannual Roadside Clean-up: Photos


Biannual ACS Roadside Clean-up

Who? You and all of your friends (many hands make light work!)

What? Roadside clean-up of the SLU-SAACS 2-mile adopt a highway section of Rt-68

Where? We will meet in JHS Lobby and split off into cars for departure

When? We will meet Friday, September 24th in JHS @ 4:15 p.m.

Dress warm, as the weather is getting colder! This should be a really quick clean-up; in the past it has only taken about 45 minutes. This is a great opportunity to make a quick and easy environmental difference in our local community!

If the weather does not cooperate we will reschedule for the following friday, October 1st!


Coffee, coffee. Who’s got the coffee?

College–especially SLU–is filled with a vast array of academic, community, and social networking opportunities; and with these opportunities comes a great deal of time and energy. Baring in mind that there are only 24 hours in a day (and it would take a great deal of force to slow down the rotation of the earth to change that), the average SLU student will turn to long nights hibernating in the deepest, darkest corner of Midill, cramming for their first round of chemistry exams; sacrificing hours of sleep for the understanding of ionic precipitates or the memorization of dozens of  functional groups. 12:37 am becomes a dangerous time for midnight crammers, as alertness begins to plummet, heads begin to nod-off; slowly, the library begins its transition from a respectable academic establishment to the awkwardly accurate resemblance of the front row of an 80′s Iron Maiden concert. So, as alertness begins to plummet, students routinely grab for the nearest energy drink, soda, coffee, tea, or–for the more modern, advanced taste-buds–a caramel mocha vanilla iced soy latte with dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. All of these beverages having one very important alkaloid in common; Caffeine.

Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulent drug that is popular for its temporary relief of drowsiness. It comes from the leaves and seeds of many plants; two common sources being tea leaves and coffee beans. It was first isolated in 1819 by Friedrich Ferdinand Runge and first synthesized by Hermann Emil Fischer nearly a century later. When taken in moderation, caffeine can increase the effectiveness of some common analgesics (such as aspirin or acetaminophen) and treat some respiratory diseases by acting as a bronchial dilator.  However, caffeine also has its share of negative side effects. Users often experience “the jitters” and frequent urination. Over high-dose, longterm use caffeine can sometimes lead to anxiety and sleep disorders. Caffeine is addictive, more addictive than nicotine, and dependence is easily established; throwing addicted users into a state of withdrawal without their morning cup o’ joe. Symptoms of withdrawal include headaches, irritability, stomach aches and sleeplessness.

Whatever your stance on this clever alkaloid, caffeine has played a substantial historical role in Chinese, Egyptian, Indian, British, and American culture; and a significant majority of people in North America are daily users. It has assisted students and professors alike in the long nights battling the academics, and can often be directly responsible for hours of work on lab reports, fellowship applications, and doctoral dissertations. Alas, here is to you, Caffeine. Cheers!


September 21, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Here are the minutes from Tuesday’s meeting. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the meeting and for those with time conflicts please make sure to read these so you can catch up!

1. Roadside clean-up will be this Friday, September 24th, at 4:30 pm. We will meet in the lobby of JHS at 4:15 and will be departing at 4:30 sharp, so please do not be late! We have all of the equipment necessary so just dress appropriately for the weather (if it is drizzling we will still go but if it seems like it will be pouring look out for an e-mail from one of the officers). In case your wondering why we do this activity, our ACS chapter has adopted a short stretch of route 68 just a few miles from campus. As a club we spend one afternoon every fall to clean up this piece of land as our contribution to preserving our community. It is actually really fun and shouldn’t take too long – remember that many hands make light work!

2. We have a new blog! All of the minutes, molecule of the week, upcoming events and officer contact information will be logged on this site. It will also be linked off the chemistry website. This is a really great way to stay posted on club information. Eventually we hope to have discussion boards which can be used to facilitate committee discussion when planning events.

3. We discussed taking a trip to Ottawa to visit the science museum and national gallery. This would be a day trip – possibly the first Saturday in November. One of the officers will likely get van certification so we can all ride together. We would spend the morning visiting the museum and grab some lunch and would plan to be back in Canton early evening. Matt is working on the logistics/organization of this outing so we will have more info coming up.

4. Finally, we have discussed about a collaboration with Tri-Beta (the biology honors society) to host a science scholar’s reception. Some things to think about: location, sign-up method, advertising, catering, fund raising, dress code, etc. This is a very new idea but would be a great way to gather science faculty, upperclassman science students, and students new to the department. The officers are going to make a few phone calls to try to get more information about planning this event but your thoughts/suggestions are appreciated as we move forward with the idea. The tentative date for this event is the Thursday or Friday the week before finals week in December.

That’s all for now! Let me know if you have any questions about Friday. See you all then!
Jillian, Andrew, Matt, Ryan, and Danielle


September 14, 2010

When the group met this past Tuesday (9/14), we discussed a few important points for the coming year.

We officers are interested in setting up a dinner/reception of some kind that involves chemistry students at SLU.  There was the prospect of getting together with tri-Beta on this also (maybe even tie in a “green sciences” theme for the event).  This idea is still in planning, as we need to work out the details and figure out how to best use our resources to make this happen.

We talked about dividing up some of the main responsibilities for this year.  First of those is our web page that we want to update and maintain throughout the year.  Marc Delaney volunteered to be our new tech guy for the web page.  Katie McHugh volunteered to update the “Molecule of the Month” on our site – i.e. some molecule that is relevant currently, or just something cool!  Megan Goodemote is going to help coordinate community service events for the year.

Also, we talked about advertising.  We need some folks who want to work with myself and Amber Latza to get the word out to campus about upcoming events, etc.  It really won’t be much work, especially when divided among several people.  The key for this year is to have consistent collaboration amongst our group.  And we can make some good things happen!

For the immediate future, we discussed the ACS’s annual roadside cleanup (small section of road on Rte 68, if I’m not mistaken).  It will be next Friday (9/24) at 4:30, and we will have a few people, including myself, driving for those who want a ride.  Based on the numbers who have already signed up, it looks like we will have a great turnout this year.  If you missed the meeting but would like to come next Friday, let myself of Andrew ( know.

There will be more cool stuff to come, and more events to be planned!  We will meet again next Tuesday at 5 on 3rd floor of JHS.



Officer Contact Info

President: Jillian Reich, jsreic07[AT]

President: Andrew Pfluger, aspflu07[AT]

Vice President: Matthew Hayes, mjhaye07[AT]

Social Chair: Ryan Horn, rwhorn08[AT]

Treasurer: Danielle McBride, dmmcbr10[AT]

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Skeels, mskeels[AT]


Our Mission

Chemistry is the study of matter–its structure and composition–and the way multiple matters interact. It has assisted in advances in various fields, including: drug development, food and beverage industry, criminal science, alternative energies, and electronics. Through these various fields, chemistry has assimilated into the daily lives of millions.

The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) is a student-run leadership organization, bound together by their love for chemistry and the betterment of their community. The Saint Lawrence University Student Affiliates chapter makes community and campus outreaches through roadside clean-ups, middle school chemistry demonstrations, and the majors declaration luncheon.

For future works, the chapter is organizing club field-trips to area science museums, a science majors’ dinner, and the reincarnation of the “molecule of the week.” This academic year’s work will be dedicated to support of green chemistry initiatives.