Pictures from Spain – Alie Mihuta – 2013

Alie Mihuta

This picture was taken when we went on a class trip to Galicia, a northern costal province in Spain. When you study abroad, you learn how big the world is and how much there is to see. This is exactly what I was thinking when this picture was taken, and how lucky I was to have the opportunity to study abroad and to see a small part of it. The best part about the study abroad experience is the host family. The people I have lived with have become my best friends and helped to introduce me to the cultures of Spain. Looking back, I know it would have been a lot more difficult to understand the traditions and cultures of Spain without their help. I feel as though I have a second family here and they will forever be my connection to Spain. For students considering study abroad, I would recommend living with a host family because the experience is just not the same without one. I would also recommend that students considering study abroad in Spain, that they stay for the year. I would not have been able to learn and experience all that I wanted to in just a semester. By the end of the year, you feel completely integrated in the family and you will have gained much more fluency in the Spanish language. Throughout the year you feel like you’re actually living in Spain and are a part of the city, as opposed to just visiting it for the semester. Every day is new and exciting when you’re living in a city and while a year sounds like a long time at first, it really flies by. Staying abroad in Madrid for the year is the best decision I could have made.


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