An Ode to Magnet Poetry

I have elected to dedicate my post to magnet poetry.

Why, you ask:


In fact, I would argue the therapeutic powers of magnet poetry are woefully underestimated. So here is my prescribed cure for all of your collegiate ills: next time you decide turn to the fridge to confront your sorrows with a pint of B&J’s, take a moment to consider the emotionally restorative benefits this overlooked art form offers.

Coleridge once argued that prose is the right words in the right order, but that poetry is the best words in their best order, and so I have always been happy to fly my linguistic freak flag beneath poetry’s banner. A marvel of modern invention, I would argue that magnet poetry offers the poetic spirits among us a new and alluring challenge: to work within the confines of a provided set of words.

Now, one could easily argue that this is an obstacle every poet strives to overcome, and as artists, we find it titillating to grapple with the limited tools provided us. We embrace improvisation, and trust that creativity will foster our cause: to give name to the thoughts, emotions, and scenes that sustain our fickle “realities.” As poets, we do our best to express the inexpressible– here I nod specifically to the Romantics among us– with the words our lives provide us. We are forced to concede, that in our quest for the Grail, or in poetry jargon– “the sublime” — we are constantly thwarted, though the ineffable lies only a few syllables away. Still, we thirst for this linguistic apex, and let us be inexhaustible! Our triumph is in the pursuit, for to be a poet is to take pleasure in perseverance.

But please, forgive me for waxing poetic (and making atrocious puns), and I shall return to my assignment.

Though all poets struggle with a limited vernacular, to be a magnet poet requires a stronger, and stricter resolve. Alas! We find ourselves limited to the language of “magnet poetry” dispensaries, but let us not despair. Though, I will be the first to admit I have struggled to overcome the lack of tenses (these companies seem incorrigibly situated in the present) the delight I gain from prevailing, despite these handicaps, to breath life into a collection of random and two-dimensional phrases is incomparable. So please, let us take a moment to salute the magnet poet, and let the wordplay begin!

As an aside: the Artist Guild fridge has been reconstituted for exactly this purpose, so feel free to come create!

Poems Courtesy Of: Kate Aseltine, Abigail Moss, and Caroline Martin


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