“American Tongues” shows how people with accents feel “inferior” or “stupid”. They feel as if there are consequences for not speaking in a certain dialect. There is a increase in the ability to stereotype people based on language and it is easy to find which dialects are desirable and which ones are not. When you are told there is something wrong with the way you talk, you start to believe it. A lot of people use the way that the speak or the language that they speak as a way to emphasize where they are from.

The idea that Standard English is associated with getting good jobs is known as a “false promise”. Language can bring us together and easily push us apart. We will have to realize that we will never all speak the same way. It is all fine as long as it does not prevent comprehension. The different dialects should not affect communication. We just all need to accept that people talk differently depending on where they came from and it should not matter. This goes along with “white supremacy” because if everyone wants to talk Standard English then it is just giving more power to whites.

-Murphy Farrell