The video that we watched in class called “Militainment” was about how war is shown much differently on television. It talks about how people watch war on television as a form of entertainment and the news channels glamorize it in a way. They juice up the language with poetic cover up and address the audience members. Most of the time they make it seem like the audience is at a light show to keep us entertained and at the edge of our seats. It is called “shock and awe”.

It shows how a lot of country music videos are shot on military bases and it is instant history when someone makes a movie about an war based event. War has in a lot of ways been naturalized in our culture but, we only see the “clean war”. The television normally shows views from above which does not show the exact damage that is being done. Television channels also make the United States always look like the good guys, by saying that we are “cleaning up” other countries and “hunting down” enemies.

Unfortunately the images of innocent people suffering slip through and are not shown in all of these forms of entertainment. Weapons are normally portrayed as good things and we are accustomed to seeing through the machines of war. I feel as if our country glamorizes war too much and makes it seem too natural in our everyday lives. They do not always specify on why war is such a big problem and by making it not seem as bad as it actually is in the media makes it worse. In a way, the only way that most people learn or hear about war is through the news so, if they are not giving us the real effects that it is having we will be more likely to keep integrating it into our culture.

-Murphy Farrell