Over the past couple of classes we have been presenting and examining self-ethnographies. While we have had to research our own family history and have seen and asked questions about others’, we have also discovered a sense of identity as well. I have yet to present my project to the class, but from examining the others, I can see that each and every person in our class has a different family history and identity as well. Not only have I discovered theirs, but I have discovered mine.

I grew up in a family with a mother, a step father, and three younger half siblings. While he may only be a “step father,” my dad has always been known as my father to me. Growing up, I had no contact with my real father, and my step father was in my life before I was born. I have always considered him my biological father because he has raised me since day one. I never knew much about my real dad, but I never had contact with him either. I never really wanted it- although he lives in the same town as me and I pass him sometimes on the street. This is my father now and that is how it will always be.

It was hard to find out information about my father’s family because he is ignorant to their family history, and doesn’t really talk to his family retrieve some information. So I found what I could. My mother’s side of the family was rather easy to gain some information. I come from two totally different back rounds, and that’s what makes me. Most of the class comes from somewhat of the same back round- whether they are completely Irish or Canadian. I am made up of completely different racial groups, and I am proud of that difference!

It was cool to see the different traditions that many of the students’ families still practice that were in their family history. I grew up in a small town where pretty everyone is the same, we all celebrate most of the same traditions. So its nice to see different racial groups and traditions. I was not exposed to this in Whitehall, so I have really enjoyed the self ethnographies. I feel as though this was a great project for our class to engage in. We have been learning about the various aspects to identity this whole semester, and it was great to apply that knowledge to yourself. To find your identity is a great thing. You get to explore your family history and find out who you are on the inside and out. I have find myself with a whole new identity that I had never expected.

I really hope everyone likes my self ethnography because its who I am, and that is something I am proud of.

Aerial Ramey