“The Liberal Media” was a video that we watched in class that was about the influence of power on the media. Wealthy businesses do most of the influencing on what is being put in the media for people to see. Unfortunately, the media is very biased and it has a liberal tilt. For these reasons, it is hard to tell for sure if the media is free to express different ideas. The corporations that influence the media are run by people that have opinions so, those are directly effected by. The power is determined by the owners not by the actual journalists.

It brings up the fact that opinions are supposed to be on the editorial page but, they are everywhere, just more subtle. Public opinion is more liberal and negative feedback from the government, corporations, and media monitoring groups put a lot of pressure on what actually makes it in the media coverages. Welfare recipients are most vulnerable to criticism and you hear from the wealthy about welfare and do not actually hear from the poor people.

This seems like a big problem because if the poor people do not actually get to have a say in anything that goes into the media then they are just going to be smashed. It should not be the case that the media is biased because this country is made up of so many different social classes. The media should appeal to everyone.

-Murphy Farrell