Teaching & Research

[In progress.]

In addition to creating the Nsukka artists and contemporary Nigerian art digital image collection, one of the goals of the AKALA project is to provide contextual materials for teaching and research to be integrated into the liberal arts curriculum.  We will identify 2-3 faculty to develop course-related lectures, writing assignments, and creative projects in fine arts, music, and performance.

Some faculty are well accustomed to teaching with visual images, while others are not.  If you are interested in utilizing this digital image collection for teaching and research, please let us know.  The process is quite fluid in that you might have topic areas in courses that could be augmented with visual materials, or the visual materials in AKALA might spark a topic to be explored by you and your students.  One of the challenges we’ve already come across, however, is how to develop curricular materials before the digital collection is fully online.  So far, we’ve contacted artists to compile image files, but in most cases, subjects have not yet been identified.  However, we’re confident that topics and themes will surface, much like they do when one curates an exhibition.  Part of the creative process lies in discovering the existing and new connections among various works of art.


St. Lawrence University