This project was created as a guide for students in exploring famous songs and singers in the Collage - first pageArab World. It is an online resource with interactive games and learning applications to further educators’ and students’ understanding and appreciation of the Arabic language, arts, culture, music and history. Learning Arabic through music has the potential to keep students more engaged compared to the confinement of standard linguistic textbooks because of music’s interactive and relatable nature.

This collection includes a total of four songs:

  1. Zahrat Al Mada’in – Fairuz
  2. Ila Oumi – Marcel Khalife
  3. Kon Sadiki – Magida El Roumi
  4. Madrasat Al Hob – Kathem Al Saher

Each song is accompanied by some or all of the following material depending on its linguistic, grammatical and cultural content:

  • Lesson plans;
  • Online flashcards;
  • Online tests;
  • Cultural discussion;
  • Grammar lessons;
  • Activities to accompany the song;
  • Interactive timeline;
  • PowerPoint;
  • Media files;
  • Info about the poet;
  • News broadcasts;
  • Television shows;
  • Links to websites;
  • Musical notes;
  • Magazines, newspapers, concert brochures, and other printed materials.

Not only will this collection help with the learning of the Arabic language but it also covers Arabic literature. For every song, information about the poet, the reason(s) behind the song, the style he/she uses and the cultural context are included.

This work has been sponsored by Crossing Boundaries,’ an interdisciplinary humanities project at St. Lawrence University made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.