Classes for Beginners


Students would take take the following classes in French (language) and in English and receive 2 credits towards their major/minor:

  • language classes at the Centre de langue (Language Center at Bordeaux Montaigne University)
  • the Director’s course in English
  • Freshmen can take the First Year Seminar as part as the director’s course
  • Two classes in English at the University to fulfill a credit for another major/minor (government and politics, economics, history, literature…)

Samples of classes in English:

  • European Studies: History of Modern Europe (combination of SLU HISt 205 & 206), Environment in Europe: Policies and Politics, Gender and Politics in the European Union, Russia and the EU: Challenge Relations, etc.
  • French History and Society: Montesquieu to Hugo, History of French Politic, Representation of French Society in Film, etc.
  • Economics: International economics, Intercultural negotiation and cultural codes, European economics, European integration, International economic institutions, International migration, European Monetary Union: issues and challenges, The World Economy in the 20th Century, etc.
  • Government/Global Studies: Comparative Politics, The World as It is: Current Strategic Analysis, International Relations Theories: an Introduction, Agenda Setting and Issue Definition, History of International Politics
  • PCA: Media and Journalism: an introduction to History and Trends, Intercultural communication and diversity studies, etc.
  • Film Studies: Representations of French Society through Film, etc.
  • Global Studies/Sociology: Immigration and Integration in a 21st Century Europe: Main Challenges and Future Trajectories, Cities in European History
  • English literature and culture: Introduction to British literature and Commonwealth, Intro to American literature, Postcolonial studies, etc.