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SLU is celebrating reunion weekend, and we’ve just learned about  interesting new projects that two alumni are working on.

In the first, Alexey Timbul (who went by the last name Boulokhov while at SLU and graduated in 2003), is using Kickstarter to fund his performance art project, in which he will “perform simple life routines, gestures and expressions in memoriam of the queer victims of the Nazi persecution. This performance art project will consist of naming, numbering, dedication, doing and documenting of 175 simple actions, an allusion to the infamous Paragraph 175 which criminalized homosexuality.”

At this time, there are three days left for the project to find funding — he has reached 70% of his goal! — and we hope  he finds the support necessary for this undertaking.


The second project also involves “performance,” but of an entirely different sort. Alex Duane graduated this year and participated in both senior exhibitions at the gallery this semester.  With Andrew Skaggs and Matthew Didisheim (also SLU alumni), Alex will be bicycling across the country, starting in Vermont and heading east through the northern part of the US and southern Ontario and then into British Columbia before heading south into Washington and down the Pacific coast.  It looks like the final destination is somewhere in northern California.

The group will be keeping a blog at  Alex is a thoughtful and engaging writer, and I’m looking forward to his posts.


Yesterday marked the opening of the gallery’s last exhibition of spring 2010. Organized by Connie Harris Saddlemire ’70, SLU ’69 and ’70: Four Artists and Their Work Since Then includes paintings by Fred Darfler ’70, photographs by John Kelly ’69 and Richard J. Linke ’69, and prints and collages by Saddlemire. More information is on the Gallery’s Web site. There will be an artists’ talk on Friday, June 4, at 8:00 p.m., in the Gallery, with a reception to follow.

We don’t usually install a special exhibition to coincide with alumni weekend, but this has been an interesting and engaging project to work on.

Sarah Lott has a new Web site that includes her work as a photographer, jewelry maker, and mosaic artist.  After graduating from SLU and the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, Sarah now lives in Idaho, where she gains “inspiration for all her crafts from the mountains, valleys, rivers, skies, creatures and people of the greater Teton area.”  Hi Sarah!

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