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Senior Tandazani Dhlakama has been working on a very impressive body of work this year as part of an honors project, and the resulting exhibition, Echoes of the Past, is on display in the gallery until June 6.  Among other topics, the exhibition addresses family, history, identity, and politics.  Last Friday, she successfully defended her work, fielding some pretty tough questions from faculty members.

Great job, Tanda!

Maya Cameron-Gilsey ’11 has worked at the gallery only for a little while, but it’s been great getting to know her.  We really appreciated her help wrangling 58 gradeschoolers last week.

Along with 25 or so other SLU students, Maya participated in Clips for Cancer, shaving her head  to raise money for the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse.   There was a bit of a scandal about Maya’s fundraising, which made it to Gawker, but the publicity helped her raise over $8,000!

Cathy Shrady’s Outdoor Studies class came to the gallery last week to bind journals.  They’ll use the journals to record their responses to readings for the class as well as observations in the field — weather and the like, from what I remember.

The group was fun to work with, and I think everyone had a good time — and made really lovely journals!  The Inuit print exhibition provided an appropriately nature-inspired atmosphere for the workshop.

Last week, students from Clifton-Fine Central School visited the Gallery with their teacher Rebecca Milone.   Using toys from the Picto This! exhibition as their models, the students made quick sketches in the Gallery.

And there was even a rainbow of sorts!

We’re having a bit of a heatwave here in Canton, and Traci Fordham-Hernandez’s class met in the gallery yesterday to take advantage of our cool climate.    The lights in part of the small gallery have been dimmed to accommodate the showing of DVDs related to the Deep Looking exhibition.

Carole and I always say that the fall semesters begin binding journals with students from the ADK program.  These folks will be living in yurts until Thanksgiving, offline, in the wilderness on property at Massawepie about 50-60 miles south of SLU.  From Cathy Shrady:

On Tuesday, Cathy and I had a fun afternoon binding journals with students from SLU’s Adirondack semester.  They came to the Gallery to make journals before heading out on a multiday canoe and hiking trip.

Thanks to Cathy Shrady for the photographs!

Buddhist Art and Ritual, a fine arts class taught by Chandreyi Basu, visited the Gallery this afternoon to get a firsthand look at a selection of Buddhist art and artifacts from the University’s Permanent Collection.  Students worked in groups, examining chakpus (brass tools used in the creation of sand mandalas), a bell and dorje, and two paintings of deities.  There was some debate about the identity of deities surrounding Chenrezig, the Buddha of Compassion, depicted on the thangka painting.  The groups presented their findings to the class at the end of the session.

Melissa Schulenberg’s advanced printmaking class visited the gallery on Wednesday morning to get a look at some artists’ books and character-based art from the University’s Permanent Collection.  Students will be making a book and an accompanying clamshell box to house it, so they examined the books carefully, taking note of each book’s aesthetic and how that aesthetic is expressed through different bindings, paper choice, and display of text and image.  Students will be creating their own characters for the content of their books, so we had a good look at some prints by Motomichi Nakamura and Shepard Fairey, and toys designed by Tim Biskup,  Friends with You, Charles Anderson, and David Choe, among others.

It was early in the morning, so that might account for the bleary eyes!  Sorry!

I’m having a Spencer Homick moment of nostalgia.  Three of us SLU-sters (Spencer, Sasha Tedeschi, and I) were lucky enough to be together in Berlin on November 9, 2009, for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Luv ya, Spenc!  (P.S. Lorie MacKenzie says hi, too!)


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