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The ninjas met with NYU Institute of Fine Arts visual resources staff this morning.  Wow.

Screen capture 06.27.09

The NEH offers several opportunities for St. Lawrence University to develop digital projects.  Good summer reading and writing!

Dummy image

Here is a possible new dummy for CONTENTdm records that don’t have digital image files associated with existing metadata.  What do you think?

Pilot project #3: West African textile collection

This project has been the most complex of the three pilot projects we’ve initiated in the last 18 months.  Some of the steps included professional photography and on-site interviews, and the next step will be to incorporate this digital online collection into various courses at SLU, including fine arts and those in African Studies.

Step #1

For two days in June 2008, Matt Bogosian ’02 and his crew came to campus to photograph the West African textiles, assisted by Jose’ Domingo ’09, Tsewang Lama ’11, and Kevin Carvill ’11.  The gallery was turned into a photo studio, and we borrowed John Larrance’s genie lift to have the textiles photographed from above.

Step #2

In July 2008, Stanzi McGlynn ’10 met with Christopher Roy to discuss the history and meaning of the textiles.  The interview was recorded and later transcribed.  After Stanzi’s study abroad in Kenya in the spring of 2009, she will work this summer to add sections of the transcription to the CONTENTdm digital collection.  We plan to include portions of the interview to the online collection in the form of sound files.

Step #3

During the academic year 2008-09, Gallery ninjas Arline Wolfe and Carole Mathey have been cataloging and properly housing the textiles.

Step #4 and beyond

The textiles will be presented in an exhibition at the Gallery in the fall of 2009.  In the meantime, faculty and students can use the digital collection as a starting point to conduct their research.  Writing assignments will be designed to include short essays for exhibition text panels and as longer research papers.  From here on, Obiora Udechukwu in Fine Arts will be our primary source of expertise.

Carole Mathey, Amy Hauber, and Cathy Tedford attended the third Pictoplasma conference in Berlin last week–three full days of artists’ lectures, videos, exhibitions, and character walks.  We’ll have pictures and other responses soon.

In reading about Google’s current effort to digitize LIFE Magazine’s 10,000,000 photographs, I’ve wondered if we really need so many online resources like this.  Ten million photographs from LIFE’s archive?  How about five million?  How about one million?

I’ve recently seen several CONTENTdm institutional users featuring newspapers and journals numbering anywhere from 30,000 images/pages to 90,000 images/pages.  Goodness.

Recent multimedia work by SLU professor Christopher Watts opens February 16, 2009.  Check the Gallery’s Web site for more information about the exhibition.  Chris will present a performance using live interactive electronics, foregrounding process while asking the listener to think about the relationship between person and machine.  “Jack of all Trades” will premier in the Gallery at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, March 9, 2009.

Amy Hauber (FA) created a great blog about blogging.  Check it out!

IM-super-HO, Techfest was a little flat this year.  I wish I had seen more faculty examples of digital projects.  I was particularly impressed with Amy Hauber’s Digital Culture class blog (FA) and Marilyn Mayer’s class blog (BIO).  I was particularly impressed with so much information contained within each, and what a fantastic portfolio of/from/by each course.  MM’s blog link to come!!

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